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Detailed Constructon Drawings & Documents

The evolution of full-set of detailed construction drawings and documents is no longer an unpretentious affair. Towers have replaced Villas and construction business has developed its own intricacies owing to the nature and requirements of buildings and stringent time limits to finish a project. Every day, a new quantifiable for the construction industry is arriving in the market, asserting to surpass the existing ones with a new machinery or equipment around the block, proclaiming to ease the process of construction or making it swifter. In such a scenario, architectural drawings cannot be limited to a simple sheet of application layouts where all information, be it dimension of a wall or finishing of a tile, is shown together with different information required at different phase of construction. Architectural drawing itself can lead to 800-1000 sheets or even more for any sky-rise edifice which is more than 50 storey high.

Based on our own experiences and standards, we have created our schedule for coordinated architectural drawings, which includes various and detailed information required for a good construction, so that not only it is convenient to look for information, but also make construction as flawless as possible. Our Construction drawings include different sets of illustrations for Block-work; Furniture layouts; interior finishing including Wall, Ceiling & Flooring; Fire-rating; Ironmongery; Signage packages; Traffic flow, etc. Apart from that, we try to envisage and induce our own sets of drawings for interior/exterior elevations and sections, skin sections or outer envelope and detailed interior design for toilet, kitchen and powder rooms. We develop distinctive architectural drawings for certain projects equipped with special provisions for a landscape or a swimming pool, or even a canopy.

Without altering and modifying the core of concept design, we put our utmost efforts in putting maximum detailed, practical and cost-effective construction techniques into our drawings. For example, we can give you suggestions on an alternative water proofing technique which has same functional effects, but are more economical or conveniently accessible through popular market channels. Or in case there is a concealed light system in the stone-skirting of the lobby, then we can modify your detail so that it is easier to cut the stone without altering the lighting effect. We implement each and every detail furnished by you, followed by a confirmed approval from your side, as we are supple enough to execute our work as per your directions and detailing as well.

Our Architects are competent enough to raise their queries thssrough RFI’s and even resolve site issues through SCRS. Since our drawings are well coordinated with structural and mechanical counterparts, usually it’s a ‘cakewalk’ for contractor to execute on site. However, in case of agitations arising due to construction errors, we are always flexible to change our details to accommodate modifications, without much delay so that construction process remains unaffected. Usually we use specifications given to us by you, but if required we can suggest our own as well.

All in all, we thrive to give you the best quality of working & shop drawings within a postulated period of time. Our designs give specific detailing which helps to mold a simple concept into reality.