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GAC Sketch aspires to be one of the best CAD drafting services on the global arena with a team of designers and architects that works for long hours to meet client demands. Our CAD drafting, designing and rendering services are meant to thrive in the competitive market.

GAC Sketch architects use high-end 3D computer graphic programs to give that maximum effect to 3D animations, images, construction models, etc. We believe that no visual communication can be sent across unless both context and concept are validated in an effective manner. We work on effective 3D programs to create organic architectural forms that put greater impact on our designing process.

Our working policies are clean and transparent. We serve to all clients across the world; our techniques are adaptable and legally binding. We work with institutions, corporate, governments and small/large scale developers.

Rather than applying robotic methods we believe in implementing designs and ideas which are based on humanistic understanding and visualization.

We create architecture which is based on modern contemporary style and is affordable at the same time. The aesthetic value of our services is extremely rich and has helped us maintaining a strong client relationship.