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3D BIM Rendering & Visualization Walkthrough

bim1.jpg GrassCAD 3D BIM modeling allows architectural firms to review design elements. The review can be done by comparing this concept with other building systems and services on any project. At GrassCAD, we offer:

  • 3D BIM visualization and 3D BIM rendering walkthrough services
  • 3D Architectural Renderings
  • 3D Architectural Animation
  • 3D BIM Modeling Visualization Services

These services allow stakeholders to share project image effectively. And from these images, one can identify errors and inconsistencies in the early stages of construction.

Our primary focus is the virtual construction of 3D BIM models. A wide array of inputs are used for this purpose, which includes:

  • Design Contents
  • Contract Drawings
  • Specification Sheets
  • Hand Sketches

Our team produces the model after resolving

  • construction issues
  • generating RFIs
  • After consulting with architects and other project consultants.

Mainly, Autodesk 3D rendering & Design Visualization Software is used to build our BIM models. Before commencing the construction of a particular project, we use 3D visualization technique to visualize the model.

We use 3Ds Max and Revit to construct these BIM models so that they can meet the exact business requirement of our clients. Also, professional graded animation, 3D rendering, modeling, and texturing are incorporated into our projects.