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MEP Systems: The Heart of Building Performance

mep.jpg GrassCAD’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) services provide valuable insight to owners and design teams, so that they can evaluate the performance, life expectancy, maintenance and operating costs of MEP systems. It also help them in coordinating thoughtful, cost-effective implementation of these systems.

Our accomplished MEP specialists assist building owners and project teams in a wide range of situations, from analyzing capacity for future expansion to optimizing systems in a new construction or renovation project – always with a focus on helping clients maximize their capital investment and minimize system life cycle costs.

We help optimize building systems with services, including:

  • Design requirement evaluation
  • System assessment
  • Process development
  • Construction budgeting
  • Subcontractor review
  • Cost/construction coordination
  • Project closeout and transitional services

Mechanical Services

METCO can offer robust HVAC installation, which is engineered according to the specifications of our clients. Additionally, central plant upgrades, boilers service and certification, humidification, water treatment, and general repairs are carried out as part of MEP.

Electrical Services

It comprises of a broad spectrum of services that include transformers, switchgear, control systems, infrared thermography, and most importantly onsite power distribution requirements. METCO delivers a comprehensive electrical design system which can address fire alarms and building security.

Plumbing Services

Piping network design related to cold and hot water, waste and water management and all systems that require ducts and piping fall under plumbing domain. Additional services include backflow testing and certification, ultrasonic leak detection, video camera inspections, and repairs.