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4D Construction Simulation


There are three primary phases in the 4D construction simulation tool, known as Create, Realize, and Enhance. In these phases,the 3D model is combined with the project schedule. With the help of this tool, our stakeholders can visualize the construction phase in a virtual platform.Moreover, itcan be used to understand the waysto enhance the construction sequencing.

The 4D Simulation (3D + Time) is a methodby which the 3D objects from the PDMS model are combined with construction schedule-related activities. The technique can help us in visualizing the scope, time frame, and location of these activities at the same time in a virtual environment.It eliminates the need for using 2D drawings and other documents (like Gantt chart).

With the help of 4D Simulation tool, the time to review and challenge the schedule is significantly reduced. In this method, the dynamic visualization of any spatial or sequence constraints in the construction schedule is provided. It can enhance the communication and coordination between all disciplines, to ensureno activities are missed.

4D Simulation can be used to developall types of projects such as:

  • Offshore: Platform and Jacket fabrication methodologies,
  • Onshore: Greenfield process plants, including civil construction.
  • It can also be used for Brownfield onshore & offshore modifications, which includes destruct and construction phases.

4D simulation benefits include:

  • It can reduce the risk during the execution of the project
  • The construction schedules can be drastically optimized
  • Construction-related cost is also reduced
  • Provides visualizationsto increase stakeholder engagement