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Quantity Take-Off/Bill of Materials (BOQ)

The Bill of Quantities or 'BoQ' is a record which contains project specific measured quantities of the work items identified by drawings and specifications. The quantity will be measured in number, length, area, volume, weight, or time. The document will be prepared after complete development of the design and specification of the project.

A detailed measurement of materials and labor is required by the experts to complete a construction project is known as quantity take-off. Our team of well-experienced estimators can do quantity take-off by reviewing drawings and specifications. We also offer specialized material take-offs and quantity surveys for both labor and materials.

Also, we can do take-offs from both digital plans and hard copy blueprints. Moreover, we need to count every material item necessary for building a construction project of any size. BOQ is used in every phase of the project, such as pre-contract & post-contract phase of the project. However, BOQ can be used in different situations based on various contract agreements & plans.

Our quantity estimation experts can provide various services, including preparing cost estimates and plans. Moreover, they can also audit projects, manage construction costs, and administer construction contracts for all types and levels of construction. Furthermore, they can also review the design changes to assess the cost of these changes.

The methods used in quantity take-off projects can help the clients to ensure faster project completion and minimize the expense by a great extent and percentage. The quantity take-off services can support cost estimators to create synchronized and comprehensive project views. We focus on delivering specific and deeply ingrained functional expertise to our clients.

We blend modern technology and expert intervention to develop high precision quantity take-off models. It ensures completion of the projects to be completed within the stipulated budget and time constraints. The document can be beneficial to contractors when preparing in work sections which will likely reflect the sub-contract packages.

The document can make it easier for the contractor to obtain prices from sub-contractors and is more likely to result in an accurate and competitive price. The bill of quantities can be used to identify different kinds of work. However, the document should not specify them, as it can lead to confusion between information in the BOQ and in the specification itself.

Benefits of outsourcing MEP Material Take-off (BoQ) requirements

Benefits of outsourcing Quantity Take-offs:
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of engineers
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Customized services
  • It can enhance precision in work, therefore increasing the success rate
  • A quick turnaround time that ensures timely delivery
  • 100% customer satisfaction
By outsourcing Quantity Take-offs to GrassCAD Services, our clients can:
  • Get a comprehensive quantitative breakdown of all materials
  • Can view 2D and 3D building model
  • They can use the information for proper resource planning
  • Our quantity take-off services can help them to plan the requirements of the materials in a more accessible manner.
The importance and the significant usages of Bill of Quantities BOQ are as follows:
  • BOQ can provide a premise to the valuation of variation.
  • BOQ can provide a basic idea of the project by giving the quantities to tenderers.
  • BOQ can play a crucial role in engaging other contractors and finalize their rates.
  • BOQ defines the extent of the work.
  • BOQ gives evaluated or expected contract value.

It is important to note that BOQ should be prepared according to the widely recognized and standardized methodology. Moreover, it can play a crucial role in avoiding any ambiguities, misunderstandings, and disputes which may arise due to different interpretations of what has been priced.

Bills of quantities can be prepared either elementally or in works packages. It can be done with the help of a process of 'taking off' which includes identification elements of construction works that can be measured and priced. Bills of quantities are generally prepared for larger projects.

For smaller projects, the contractor will measure the quantities on their own from drawings and schedules of work. They will also measure the materials to alter some part of the work. The Schedules of work are instructional lists 'without quantities' which allows the contractor to identify significant work and materials. It is needed for completing the tasks and calculating the amount of the required quantities.

Quantity Take-off Services

The bill of quantities is issued to tenderers to prepare them for the price required for carrying out the works. It can be used to assist bidders in calculating construction costs for their tender. Moreover, it will allow all tendering contractors to price the same quantities (rather than taking-off quantities from the drawings and specifications themselves), thus providing a fair and accurate system for tendering.

Our team can offer different quantity take-off services to our clients from a variety of sector base, including retail, real estate, commercial, residential construction, institutional, petrochemical, etc. We use a simple process to benefit our clients during their rush hours. The clients can send us the drawings in CAD or PDF format, with specifications, and bills of quantities.

We can develop projects with the help of the full set of quantity measurements as per requirement. Also, software packages can be used to prepare the Bill of Quantities. Building information modelling systems, on the other hand, can be used to generate bills of quantities from the information already contained within the model.

Our team can offer the most accurate quantity take-off services to the respective clients. Outsource quantity take-off services to GrassCAD Services and get exact quantities. As mentioned earlier, BOQ’s are generally prepared for larger projects. We accept quantity take-off on a project and contractual basis.

No long term commitment required. By outsourcing quantity take-off services, our clients save more time and are more competitive, thereby their increase efficiency; when you outsource quantity take-off services, you can assign your valuable resources to concentrate on your core business activities. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing quantity take-offs here.

Sometimes, contractors can face some difficulty during the tendering process because they have limited time for preparing the tender. Therefore, they cannot submit the bid on time and can ask for more time. Outsource your tedious take-off work to save your precious time and money. Your staff will be able to focus on the essential tender activities by outsourcing quantity take-off.